Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Glimpses of Amsterdam

Here I share some snaps of my trip to Amsterdam I took with my oldest friend Orla. I had such a wonderful time exploring the city. This first picture I was wearing an outfit that was to bring me from day to night as we were literally out all day. I paired this recently purchased skirt with a sporty look top and wore it along with some black tights and black ankle boots.
Everywhere was so picturesque. Many of you will think I'm mad to say this but I even loved the lampposts - they are just so much more appealing to the eye than many of ours back home.

I never thought I'd be cycling in heels. More to the point, I didn't think I could but after our impromtu decision to rent bicycles, I mastered cycling in wedges pretty quickly. These jeans have a pastel pattern to them that didn't show up well in this photo so I will show you them more clearly again soon. My sunglasses very conveniently broke in my bag that very morning so I was blinded for the day as it was quite sunny. Oh well, at least I have an excuse to buy a new pair.
 Baskets were a must for our bags. Note to self for future trips; must buy a rucksack.
I saw so many dogs sitting in baskets over there but usually they were going by too quickly for me to capture with my camera. On my last day, I saw this little cutie waiting patiently outside a shop for it's owner. How adorable is he. The owner came out mid photoshoot and was smiling - I'm convinced she was amused at how adorable I found this site.
First Look: skirt; Zara SP13, Top; H&M SP13.
Second Look: jeans ; Zara SP13, Wedges; M&S, Jacket; Miss Selfridge

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