Friday, 10 May 2013

Double Jobbing

I don't know about you but lately I'm finding my outfits need to be very versatile and easily tweaked depending on what my day ahead entails. For instance, I'm often in heels in work but briskly walking in flats on my way to work. Catching up with family or friends in heels and then throwing on some flats for a trip to the dog park. On this day, I was wearing heels for half the day and changed into flats when I was going to the dog park with my dog Ollie and walking down to the grocery store. Do you where heels or flats all day long or are you like me and your days often entail a bit of both?

Here my outfit dressed up.......
 ...and dressed down for a trip to the dog park...
...with my dog Ollie.
Top; Zara (sale). Bottoms; H&M (old), blazer; H&M (sp13), Wedges; M&S, flats; Aldo, Bag; M&S


Thanks so much for reading. Steph @ Stylefootprints. x