Sunday, 29 January 2012

Softly Does It

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I had a well needed relaxing weekend and feel totally refreshed. I love when you get a chance for a weekend like that. Here's what I wore during the day. The colours and light fabrics make this look have a real soft feeling to it. I love wearing this scarf with this dress as it picks up the colour at the bottom and really pulls the look together. 

Knitted Dress (Next), Tights (Dunnes), Boots (Pennys), Belt (Market in London), Scarf (Warehouse)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pastel Pool

I've been loving all the editorials on pastels. Although I'm dying to go pastel from head to toe, I'm just waiting for it to look a little less like winter outside. With that said, I just picked up this pastel green jumper yesterday and decided to mix it with some warmer tones. I guess you could say I'm dipping my toe in the pastel pool before I jump in. Here's a quick snap of an outfit I was was wearing today taken right as I was running out the door. Have you guys been bringing any pastels into your wardrobe at all?

Jumper (Pennys), Bag (River Island), Jeans (Topshop), Boots (Aldo)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

London Baby!

Back from London and I must say I had an absolute blast catching up with family and friends. After we went for some tea in this very quirky and cute cafe, we ended up doing a little vintage shopping down around Brick Lane where I ended up buying a lovely black leather skirt. It was the first item I went to try on and it fitted perfectly. I love when that happens. We also had a little stroll around some markets where I picked up a very eye catching ring I just couldn't resist. I was delighted we had time to see a show in the West End. Between reading all about the 1920's trend in Vogue on the plane, reading The Great Gatsby book on the way from the airport and topping it off by going to see the show Chicago, I felt like I'd really immersed myself in one of the spring/summer trends.
Here are some displays in Topshop on Oxford Street that really caught my eye. I took some quick pictures to share with you...

I was very excited to visit Sketch restaurant and former fashion house of Dior. I'd just heard wonderful things about the place so I had to go and see it for myself. There's a big dog on the building outside. If you walk by, you won't miss it. The building and interior is very unique. It's so much more impressive than these pictures portray. If you're ever in London, it's worth a visit. From the lighting, the decorative walls and even the toilets (yes, you did read correctly), the attention to detail and creativity striking. Check it out at

We just had to make a toast - to Dior of course!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Statement Coat

I wore this coat out for dinner the other night with the girls. Every girl needs to have a statement coat in the wardrobe right? I love wearing this coat with all black as it draws attention to the black details.

On another note, I've finally figured out how to link my blog to the Stylefootprints Facebook page I just set up the other day. Clearly still finding my way with this blogging but it's so much fun. Now, if I can just get some likes, it would make it all worth while.

I'm off to London for a long weekend to catch up with a friend. Very excited! I might not be back on before I go so I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Coat (Dunnes Stores), Shoes (M&S)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sophisticated Snakeskin

Living in Ireland, it can often be cold or chilly no matter what time of year so different styles of blazers and small jackets can be quite handy, especially as I'm nearly always cold when everyone else isn't! This snakeskin patterned one is perfect for that reason.

These wooden heeled shoes I actually got a good while ago. I wore them once. They were so painful that I didn't wear them again for a long time. I couldn't bring myself to wear them or give them away so I wore them around the house a few times for short periods of time and now I've finally worn them in so that they don't hurt. The test really came when I wore them the other night and I'm glad to say they passed the test; no pain! I can't wait to wear them again now.

Here's a bit of a close up. You may not see from a distance but the white blouse has pretty detail near the top. The detail and the varied length, with it being longer at the back was what had drawn me to this blouse. The first time I wore it I actually got a hole in it with a long necklace I was wearing. I was a little heartbroken I must say. However, I saw it again a few weeks later in the sale, so can you guess what I done next? Yes, I bought it again! 

So have you guys ever bought the same item twice, or am I alone in that act of madness? 

Snakeskin blazer (H&M), Blouse (Miss Selfridge), Pants (Topshop), Shoes (Barretts)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sales Sales Sales

Okay, so I know everyone doesn't love sales. The lack of organisation, the crowds and rooting through the mess can be a bit tiresome for some but isn't it all worth it when you find a diamond in the rough?!

I didn't go mad in the sales but I did pick up a few bargains. Firstly, if you've been reading my blog recently, you may have noticed I think using a statement necklace can really glam up an outfit so when I came across this little gem on sale, I just had to purchase it.

My second purchase, however cold it is now, I think was a very sensible purchase. It's coming into spring/summer and last summer I got so much wear out of my maxi dresses, particularly when I was in Italy. They're ideal for holidays, and the pattern was just so pretty. Sold!

I'm taking a trip to London soon and thought I'd get this little name tag for my luggage. The Cath Kidston range is adorable, isn't it?

Lastly, I have been planning on getting a pair of classic, plain black, round toe shoes for a while. I half forgot about getting a pair when I stumbled across these ones. The first pair I saw were even my size. It must of been fate I thought!

Necklace (M&S), Maxi Dress (Oasis), Luggage Information Tag (Cath Kidston) and Black Shoes (Zara).

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cosy Knits

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a lovely new years night and is looking forward to what the year ahead may hold.
Just taking it handy this evening watching a film by the fire so thought I'd do a quick post.
When I was out for a walk with a friend the other day, this is the outfit I wore. 
Cosy, cosy, cosy all the way.

Cardigan (Dunnes Stores Savida Range), Top (Savida also), Jeans (Topshop), Boots (M&S), 
Bag (River Island), Bear Hat (River Island).