Tuesday, 13 August 2013

High Waisted Shorts

I wore this outfit for an evening stroll in Barcelona. I was packing light for our few days away so I brought shoes, bags and a blazer that were versatile. I'm gradually getting better at packing light - the key word being 'gradually'. Love these shorts I picked up in Zara, my only regret is not getting them in another colour also.
On another note, I like the look of a few simple rings but when I got some costumes ones, they went off colour so quickly. I either have a tendancy to wash my hands with the ring on and it goes off colour or I take it off & leave it on the sink & loose it. Am I the only one with this problem? For this reason, I had been looking for a simple reasonably priced ring ring for a while.  Finally I saw what I wanted and  treated myself to this ring on my trip, a simple band from Swarovski. 

Shorts & Blazer; Zara, Top; Oasis, Bag; M&S

Hope you have a lovely week!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Secret Crop Top

We all know how cropped tops crept back into fashion. Even still, I was hesitant at first. When I saw cropped top on the runway and on the high street, although they were often paired with high waisted skirts or trousers, i kept thinking I don't want to flash my belly. When I think of me flashing my midriff, I either think of the beach or when I was a teeny bopper. However, when I saw this striped top in Primark for the bargain price of 5 euro, I thought what have I got to loose. I instantly knew I'd first pair it with this skirt. Firstly I found I wasn't actually flashing the midriff unless I put my hands high in the air and if that happens, it's thankfully the flattering part of your midriff that is exposed. Secondly and probably that best thing about cropped tops and high waisted skirts is that you loose the excess bulk of having a the bottom half of the top under a skirt and avoid having a visible line where the end of your top sits. I know not all trends suit everyone but maybe we should give them a try (even if it's only in the dressing room of a store) before we make up our minds. All in all, I think it works great and by this picture you wouldn't even know it's cropped, it's like my little secret. What do you think? 

Cropped Top; Primark (now sold online at ASOS), Pleated skirt; Riverisland
Bag; M&S, Shoes; Office