Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Double Shift

This skirt has been working overtime lately doing a double shift. I first wore it to the 7 star hotel in Dubai here and then it I wore it to another event 2 weeks ago. To create a different look this time, I swapped the red out for a black top. Which do you prefer?
Also, I'd like to apologise for the blurry photo. I used the camera on my iphone and it didn't come out great as it's blurry on the face and the post is all about the outfit so I figured I'd show it to you anyways. Speaking of camera's, I'm thinking of investing in a good one. I'm thinking of the Canon EOS 100D. Do you have it and if so would you recommend it or any other? 
Top; New Look (old), Skirt; Zara, Shoes; Aldo, Bag; Warehouse

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