Sunday, 20 October 2013

Purple & Red

Nothing more relaxing on a Saturday afternoon than catching up with a friends while strolling, window shopping, drinking tea and eating warm blackberry and apple pie in one of your favourite cosy cafes. Yesterday, I had a great day doing exactly that. One of the things we talked about was our recent trips and so today, I wanted to show you my outfit I wore to the 7 star hotel for afternoon tea in Dubai. The service was impeccable as you can imagine and the food was beyond delicious. If your in Dubai, it's a must visit. I'm loving the red & purple combinations that are springing up this Autumn. Brown Thomas' window on Grafton Street has a beautiful display. It was hard to get a picture yesterday with so many people walking by but the colour combination was essentially that in my outfit in this post. The skirt is a statement in itself so I could have played it safe and toned it down with a black or white top but I felt like playing it up instead & paired it with a red top. I loved this outfit. Mostly I like changing things up but have you ever loved an outfit so much that you want to wear it the exact same way as before? I'm tempted with this one.
Hope you're having a lovely weekend too.
Steph xx

Skirt; Zara, Top; Forever 21, Shoes; Aldo, Clutch; H&M

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