Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Centre Stage

These are some nail varnishes I picked up this week. I recently had bought a similar pink in another brand but after two coats it still looked like it could have done with a third coat. As a result, I decided to try a different brand. A friend of mine had a Topshop nail varnish and I tried hers. It goes on great and it lasts.  If you were in a rush, not to worry as it even looks good with one coat, although I personally prefer two with nail varnishes. When I went looking for a pink in Topshop, I found they had so many gorgeous colours. Trust me, I was lucky I only came away with two colours. There was so many I wanted. Also, I couldn't resist trying Rimmel's new Peppermint colour. Now, which to put on first?! Have you a favourite nail varnish colour at the moment? 
Parma Violet (Topshop), Peppermint (Rimmel), Milkshake (Topshop).  
Just a thought...
Something my mam said to me sparked a thought. I mentioned to her that I love getting new nail varnish and that it's like a little pick-me-up treat to myself and can freshin' up your look. Her instant thought was how that used to be lipstick. What are your thoughts on this? Does lipstick still take centre stage or are you quicker to buy nail varnish as a cheap and cheerful beauty product?


  1. gorgeous!


  2. For me there's something about having your nails done that feels a bit more of a pick me up treat than lipstick. Lipstick will do at the end of the day before meeting friends for drinks...but polished nails makes me feel more pulled together all day long!

  3. Loving the Topshop colours, especially the lilac!
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  4. Full of style. Love it.

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