Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Simple Tradition

Every year come christmas time, there's one thing I always do and that is treat myself to a new pair of pyjamas. So simple but I love doing it. Having mentioned this to a few people, it seems that a lot of girls out there do the same thing. Anyways, I never thought I'd be posting about pyjamas but I thought I'd share my little christmas tradition with you. Some years I go festive in colour or pattern but this time round I went for a very colourful pair that just shout 'Spring' to me. Maybe its from looking at all the spring/summer collections but I just couldn't resist the pretty, bright colours. Have you any simple traditions at christmas?

(Set is from Dunnes Stores)

The christmas spirit has definitely spread into our office this week. 
Third day running and there's cakes for the taking. I'm not usually a cake person but I couldn't resist these treats - they had holly on them after all.

Not to mention all the christmas music on in the office. Big thanks to my friend's in Warner Music who sent over some surprise musical treats to listen to. The jingle bells (literally) went down a treat.


  1. Your blog is so cool! come to visit mine!

  2. it's so nice that you get new pair of pyjamas.I buy every year a teddy bear! :)

  3. Nice gifts you received ! Hope you had a lovely time for Xmas


  4. love it! Merry Christmas!


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